hi i'm noa and i ride horses and take pics
Wicked Photography

rode gatsby outside for the first time today!


my photo has started an argument have I made it yet

the thatchers have nice horses and I want all of them


the stanley cup playoffs started today and coincidentally I got put on a horse named lord stanley

like what the fuck is this

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awaiting the next horse…


Anonymous wondered,
"How are you doing? I have followed your personal tumblr since you posted the video on youtube to follow you (and Alex) and you are truly inspirational."


I’m great! How are you?

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whispersofsecrets wondered,
"my horse does the same thing, she loves to jump, and if I have jumps set up in an arena while free lunging her, she'll lock on and jump them for fun. all on her own :)"

Yep! A horse wont do something unless it doesn’t want to. They feel things, I believe that completely. A few days ago I was cantering my horse and he tripped and we fell, rather than freak out he came up to me and nuzzled me on the ground until I got up because he was so worried. He’s presh, haha.

grabmane wondered,
"I love you omfg"

I love you too!

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glory be I’ve opened a can of worms on my last photo.

yes I do think horses experience emotion.

they are flight animals, they have instinct, sure. but a horse aint gonna jump over a stick if it isn’t motivated to do it. horses aren’t going to approach you unless they like you. 


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to anyone who thinks it’s cruel to jump horses:

have you ever seen the sheer determination and desire on a horse’s face when it locks onto a jump?

wef ‘14

I’m sorry do you know what horses think?

horse is my first language motherfucker